Token Trading

The Fees

Information and general recommendations for trading the NodeGrid token $NGRID are as follows:
  • There will be 0% fee for compounding.
  • There will be 0% fee for claiming.
  • There is a 30% fee for selling $NGRID rewards.
  • Users must possess at least one node to sell $NRGID tokens.
  • Transferring $NGRID tokens derives a 1% transfer fee.
  • Taxes are allocated 80% to the reward pool, 15% to the treasury, 5% to operations.
  • Sell tax will vary from 0% to 30% on a swap of $NGRID. The sell tax will be fluid based on the given conditions to generate revenue for the NodeGrid Treasury, protect $NGRID price, and to prevent malicious action in the market, ie. dumping. The percentage is subject to change without notice in order to preserve the sustainability and integrity of the project.