Project Financials

Treasury Objectives

Our mission at NodeGrid is to create a protocol that is transparent and sustainable. The project's wallet addresses are publicly viewable for full transparency. The purpose of the treasury is to generate revenue to allow us to perform burns when necessary to increase token price.
The NodeGrid treasury will be able to exercise a minting function. This functions allows the treasury to mint new tokens when there is great volatility to the upside. In addition, the new $NGRID tokens will be possessed by the treasury. The Treasury has the ability to sell the tokens at a given rate to create gains without putting the $NGRID token at risk. Ultimately, this strategy will encourage price stability and sustainability of the project over the long term, meanwhile benefitting the treasury.

NodeGrid Wallet Addresses

At NodeGrid, transparency is at the core of our values. Below you will find all relevant wallets pertaining to funds that the team will use objectively.
NodeGrid Treasury Safe: 0x3126fe80E17A1F250ae20345fC1888440D3ECd54
NodeGrid Development Safe: 0x4eEA7122C4408CbAEfF9Ab2C33F6098B40C19E95
Holdings Overview: Zerion