Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our vision at NodeGrid is to offer a sustainable, community-oriented, and adaptable node protocol on the Binance Smart Chain.

Our Values


One of the most significant values for the NodeGrid project is to offer a sustainable node-investment vehicle. We plan to achieve perennial sustainability through innovative holder incentives, a malleable protocol, and transparency. The team is committed to continuously innovating, trialing new features, and evolving our way to a protocol that provides a beneficial scenario to all investors. The team knows realizing our vision of a robust, passive income opportunity, enables potential domination among the DaaS space. To read more in depth regarding the specific strategies the team will implement, please visit Strategic Plan and Roadmap.

Community Oriented

The protocol's success will be reliant on a strong and diverse community. This is a familiar theme throughout the DeFi space. Without the ability to rapidly expand the NodeGrid community at various times, the project's financial wellbeing may struggle to overcome price fluctuations. Maintaining community strength and engagement is of utmost importance to the team. We designed NodeGrid to be a mutually beneficial experience for everyone involved.


Adaptability is a zero sum game. It is a necessity in order to remain relevant through continually evolving and fast paced markets. Adaptability and community orientation are intertwined in the sense that NodeGrid will have to cater to the desires of the community members. If there is outpouring of support for a new feature to be implemented, best believe that we as the NodeGrid team will honor what our community members desire.