Strategic Plan

DeFi-as-a-Service, or DaaS, references a growing market segment of protocols in the DeFi arena that attempt to maintain and grow a treasury of funds on behalf of investors and stakeholders. Dividends are issued to holders via daily rewards, which are usually comprised of the given native token. Typically, firms within the Traditional Finance arena abide by the 2 and 20 model. The firm retains 2% of premium (assets under management) and 20% of profits incurred by the investment firms efforts. DaaS protocols provide investors substantially reduced fee structures, significantly higher rates of return, and diversification. It is also important to note it was necessary to develop pre and post launch strategies.

Pre Launch

Our aim at NodeGrid is to offer the most robust and sustainable DaaS protocol in the DeFi space. In order to achieve such a coveted accolade the team has devised a number strategies. When we initially entertained the idea of creating a DaaS node protocol, we wanted to use a network that was low in fees, along with a capable user-base; accommodating rapid and substantial growth. There is no better network that meets these requirements than the Binance Smart Chain. It's EVM compatible, works with MetaMask, and has the second highest trading volume in DeFi short of Ethereum. We can expand our user base significantly faster than protocols on Avalanche, Fantom, and other similar networks.
As much as we plan to differentiate ourselves from other protocols, we found it crucial to piggy back off of their success. We've implemented the strategies we've determined fruitful such as tokenomics and community structure. Our team has payed close attention to which influencers have brought volume to other projects. We plan to use our white list as an opportunity to onboard well known and transparent influencers. We've also received an endorsement from the project lead of another large node project, supplying NodeGrid with a solid foundation of community members to grow our user base prior to launch. Lastly, please check the tokenomics section regarding the private sale and white list funding strategy the team is in the process of conducting.

Post Launch

Another major factor the team took into consideration, when drawing the NodeGrid game plan was sustainability. Essentially, how can the team best serve the needs of our investors into the foreseeable future, and provide the rate of return they desire? The NodeGrid team has been vigilant in determining new and innovative strategies that will allow us to remain a hot topic within the DaaS space. We will actively audit the project runway, and refine projections of node rewards and supply. If the team and community sees fit, we may lessen node rewards to preserve token price. When determining token distribution from the rewards pool, the team plans to utilize predictive modeling between ongoing and successful projects within the node space.
We also plan to reveal and implement newly innovative strategies to generate revenue within the project. We are in the process of developing a node marketplace, that will allow node owners to sell their positions to entities looking to acquire nodes at a discount. We will charge a fee for every exchange that occurs via the marketplace. More information to come in the future regarding this feature, along with our utility NFT platform.