Safety Practices

Locking Liquidity

No project can be sustainable without certainty that the project will still be here in the future. At first the liquidity will be unlocked while we ensure there are no flaws within the contract. This will give us room to tackle unforeseen events that may arise (we have observed these in other projects). We are building this project on the foundation of trust and transparency.
The founders at NodeGrid trust each other, trust the team and we believe this will pass on to our expanding community. We understand that foundational trust will be prevalent to the community, hence we do not believe delaying the lock of the liquidity pool will cause any harm to our growth. Once the contract is all clear we will lock the liquidity indefinitely, in a multi-signature wallet, as a demonstration of our long term commitment to the safety of this project.


The core team will be KYC'd with Assure. We will announce when this process is complete via our Discord.

Doxxed Team

We want to take all efforts to ensure confidence in the team. Our team taken the time to educate all team members regarding the benefits and risks. We have made the decision as a company not to force our staff to dox, but with that said many of the team have stepped up to voluntarily Dox to support the community.


The team believes Multi-Signature provides no advantages or safe guards as it is fairly easy to manipulate. Initially, no Multi-Sig is planned, however, due to future developments and partnerships the team has decided to pursue multi-signature authentication and will inform the community once it is fully enabled.

Contract Vulnerability Bounties

Like anything in life that is human made, contracts are more than likely to have some errors. It is the beauty of imperfection, except it's not when it could cost your community a pretty penny. We would like to encourage the talented within our community, with renumeration for spotting any mistakes or vulnerabilities that may go unnoticed. We will set a bounty of $20,000 to anyone who finds a major flaw in our code.