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The traditional banking systems have become inefficient as new and innovative solutions are available through the decentralized finance ecosystem. Typically, financial institutions retain the vast majority of profit to be made from their clients, while distributing minimal potential earnings to their customers. Next to zero-interest percent rates on static investments like checking accounts and arbitrary fees have illuminated the possibility to an entirely new method of generating passive income. Major opportunities in the DeFi space are now available. NodeGrid is a community-driven project powered by the Binance Smart Chain. We plan to capitalize on a new and innovative passive income strategy, that has recently become available through the DeFi ecosystem. NodeGrid was birthed by three cofounders, who have been navigating the cryptocurrency industry together for the last ten months. Initially the three partners were silly apes (high risk investors) that strategized in unison daily, regarding market-trend-based opportunities. Over time, the three of us had success in navigating the investment space together and deemed our level of knowledge capable of bringing our own project to fruition. Although we were gung-ho about creating a project, we were plagued by a reoccurring question: Why create a standard project that is a simple fork of another project's contract? This is exactly what we aimed to avoid while creating NodeGrid. Our main focus was to introduce a sustainable opportunity for our investors and nodeholders. We understand we are not the first to invent the NaaS concept, however, we feel there is a major opportunity for an ethical project of this caliber within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. BSC (Binance Smart Chain) is one of the largest EVM compatible blockchains with the most volume, diverse user base, and economical gas fees. Albeit Ethereum has the largest user base, it was in the best interest of our community to offer NodeGrid on one of the most inexpensive platforms, in turn, allowing our user base to span globally. Our mission is to provide the community with an authentic and transparent “DaaS” protocol. Sustainability, community-orientation, and adaptability will deliver passive income with investments that are diversified and allocated transparently. The project aims to restore trust and faith in a system, objectively building wealth across the entire community, rather than the founders over-benefitting. A public treasury and frequent polls will allow everyone to understand where funds are allocated at all times. We plan to partner with well-developed and established communities, to introduce this offering to the market and expand swiftly.